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"Open Year Round"...we never close

Speed limit 10 mph, strictly enforced to protect our children!!!

Resort Guidelines:
Check-Out Time: NOON. Later check-out time may be
Check-In Time: Subject to space availability, AFTER NOON
          Fees paid midnight to early AM arrivals apply to previous day. 
          Full Payment due at time of check-in.
Store Hours: Seasonal--Hours Posted On Door
Children must be supervised by an adult at all times
Restrooms and Showers open 24 hours
Quiet Hours: 10:00PM to 8:00AM.
Laundromat: 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM or as posted. 
          Do not leave clothes unattended!

Sites and Parking: Only one camping unit per site. 
          Moving from assigned space must be approved by registration
Rentals: Rents are due and payable in advance. 
          Space rental is not transferable.
Advance Reservations: Are recommended. 
          If you wish to stay extra days, please confirm with office
          prior to 10:00 AM. 
Swimming Pool: Dawn to dusk (for paid campers). 
          No lifeguard provided. 
          Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by an adult at least 21
          years of age. 
          Posted rules must be observed. 
          No food, drink or smoking in pool area--Pavilion may be used    
          for this purpose.
Recreational Equipment Usage: 
       All facilities are used at your own risk. 

          Parents are responsible for the conduct, behavior and control
          of their children and visitors in the spirit of good
          neighborliness and will be financially responsible for malicious

Please don't pick fruit from our trees or flowers from our gardens as we have many seasonal campers with gardens!

Mail and Messages:
Mail can be accepted here during your stay by using the address
        listed on the Home Page. 
        It can be picked up at the office, but please be patient if front
        desk is busy.
Messages are posted in our office. Only emergency messages will be
        delivered to your site


Pet Rules:
Off Leash Dog Park is provided for dogs.  ADULT owner MUST
   be with the dog at all times and pick up after their pets.  
   Please be sure that gates are securely latched before removing

All pets must be leashed at all times (except inside of the off leash
       dog park fence).  
       Owners who do not leash their pets will be ejected immediately & NO
        REFUND will be given 

Pick up after your pet. 
Owners who do not pick up after their pets will be ejected immediately   
        (including inside of the off leash fenced dog park)  & 
        NO REFUND will be given 
(Bags available for sale in office if needed)
Pets are not allowed in the buildings or pool area.
Your pet may not disturb other RV'ers.
Pets may not be left tied outside when owners are away from the 
   RV park nor left inside the RV or tent to continually bark

Anyone who fails to comply with these rules will be asked to leave the RV park without refund. 

The Following are NOT Permitted:
Changing your oil. For oil change, see front desk.
Washing vehicles or RV's, see office.
Laundry lines or hanging clothes outside.  (communal laundry lines are available for use by campers--ask at office for locations)
Liquid waste of any kind dumped on ground.
Firearms and firecrackers. 


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